Plan Your Visit

We are so excited that you have decided to visit us at our church. If you are bringing children with you, you can follow the link below to get them pre-registered and make your Sunday morning visit a lot easier. 

Services start at 10am and we have a coffee shop, SACRED GROUNDS, that is open before and after services for your convenience; it is located inside the main doors and to your right. When you arrive, check-in at the Welcome Center directly through the front doors and the attendant will give you your children's name tags, if they were pre-registered. Also, you will receive a FREE Gift just for visiting! 

Feel free to email us @ if you have any questions before or after your visit. We hope that you feel welcome and we can't wait to meet you!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do services last?

    A typical Sunday morning service starts at 10 am and ends at 11:30 am. Though some days may vary, we value your time that you spend with us and work hard to ensure that services are ended as close to 11:30 as possible. 

  • Are my kids safe?

    We take the safety of your children very seriously. Our Sunday morning children's programs all operate with a check - in system. Once you have registered your child, you will receive a parent tag that matches the randomly generated code on your child's tag. These two numbers will be matched upon arrival and dismissal in all children's rooms. If your parent tag is lost, the room leader will notify a staff member to check identification and verify the adult before allowing the child to be dismissed. 

    Only adults who have been verified through application and submitted to a background check are permitted into the children's areas. If a parent would like to view the area prior to service, a verified leader can assist. 

  • How do you notify me if my child needs help?

    On your parent tag you have a "Security Code" that is a 4-digit number. This number is also visible on your child's tag. In an event where the room leader needs to reach you, the leader will display your code on a monitor that is visible in the main sanctuary. To the left and right of the sanctuary stage, you will see a red number display sign. If the number displayed matches your code, please meet your child's leader at the entrance where you dropped your child off.