Our Staff

  • Lead Pastor

    Brian and Melody Whidden

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  • Executive Pastor

    Nathan and Shauna Whidden

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  • Associate/ Youth  Pastor

    Whitney Stokley

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  • Spanish Pastors

    Eugene and Esther Steiner

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  • Mid Week Children's Director and Building Management

    Ralph and Deb Hoke

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  • Shepherd's Cove Food Pantry

    Angie Schultz

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  • Celebrate Recovery

    Darren and Cheryl Hines

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loving god

Jesus summed up much of Christianity with two sentences. The first was, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind." In this single sentence Jesus brought focus to a religion that had gotten mired in complexity. 

What if?

What if it were really that simple?!

We believe it is.

The first step in living a life transformed by the power of God isn't to try and fix all your problems and clean yourself up, but to learn to love God. That's the focus of our weekly gatherings at Calvary. Our Kids, Youth, Spanish, and Sunday morning gatherings are all designed to do the same: to inspire us to Love God in a deeper way.

It's really that simple. 

loving others

We are strongest when living our lives with others. God has designed us to live in community. It is in relationship that we find life, strength and accountability. That's why the church must be a place where genuine friendships can be built and people are able to live transparent lives with one another. 

Authentic community brings life. 

Loving others and connecting in life giving community is a crucial part of God's process for discipleship.

That's the focus of our groups at Calvary. 

They are designed

                to help us connect with one another

                                                     around the word of God. 

Beautifully Simple. 

bringing hope

Hope. Just the word "hope" has a tendency to inspire it. Hope is powerful. It is the expectation that the future is brighter than the past. Everyone longs for hope. It is one the most fundamental needs of humanity. It is hope that moves us forward and causes us to strive for more; hope is the message of the church. The future of our lives and the world is brighter because of Jesus. It is on a mission of hope that the Church has been sent.

That's good news. That's GREAT news.

A huge part of the discipleship process is learning to live out our faith and take the message of Jesus Christ to a world that needs that hope. 

That's the purpose of our teams at Calvary. We are united around God's mission of Bringing Hope to the world.